Where/When is LAN?

The RGL LAN is happening Saturday, August 6th - Sunday, August 7th at:

Helix eSports Foxborough
23 Patriot Pl, Foxborough, MA 02035

Do I need a spectator pass for each day?

Nope! By purchasing a spectator pass, you are covered for the entire weekend!

Who is attending LAN?

The top 4 invite 6s teams will be attending LAN:

  1. Froyotech

  2. Like A G6

  3. Witness Gaming

  4. The ANGY! Brothers

Who is running the LAN?

The LAN will have 3 main admins/staff at the venue:

  • virgil#6969: Admin

  • frink#6969: Admin

  • DolphiN#2754: Production/Venue

If you have questions, please contact these staff via Discord or in-person at the venue. They will be wearing 'STAFF' shirts to be identified.

COVID: Are masks required?

While masks are not required, they are highly encouraged and are proved effective to prevent the spread of COVID to your fellow gamers and their loved ones.
Please consider wearing a mask out of respect of the community.

Is there spectator seating?

Yes! There will be dedicated bleacher seating for our in-person spectators.

When does the venue open/close?

The venue will be open for general attendees from 11AM to 10PM Eastern.


What merch is available?

We are offering special t-shirts, stickers, and pins exclusive to the LAN! For a full list, visit the merch page!

Will there be merch at the venue?

Yes! We will have a limited supply of merch at the venue to purchase.

Where do I pick up my merch at the venue?

Please provide proof of purchase to one of our staff members (wearing a 'STAFF' shirt) to retrieve your merch!

Can players sign my items?

Yes! We recommend signing one of our shirts or posters for the best results. Our staff offers use of acrylic pens to make those signatures last longer on fabrics by request.

What are "assists"?

"Assists" are points that we use to track the amount of profit that will be going directly to the LAN. We automatically track them per customer, so you do not need to do anything extra!

How do I redeem my assists?

We will be contacting our generous donors to get information about desired player signings, demo reviews, custom team logos, etc. Please provide any information in order notes to help speed up the process!

What do I do if I forgot to put my username or have not received a perk?

For all questions pertaining to merch and rewards, please contact DolphiN#2754

What determines how many assists I get?

Each product has a number of assists that equate to ~$1 each. Assists take the cost of producing the limited-run merch into account.

For example, each Holographic RGL Logo Sticker has a cost of $1.60 to produce, while we sell them for $7, for a profit of $5.40. After fees, we see ~$5 go to covering LAN costs.

What do the funds go to?

The funds we raise go towards covering the following:

  • Invite teams' lodging and transportation

  • Production equipment

  • Compensating volunteers

    • Includes admins, designers, and everyone else at RGL!

  • Venue costs

Some merch items go towards certain pools, such as the DolphiN Wink Sticker's profits going towards production!

You can also choose to donate directly towards the general pool or a specific drive!

After the fundraiser, we will be releasing a financial report for full transparency.

Are the stickers dishwasher-safe?

Yes, our stickers can be washed repeatedly in a dishwasher without fading. They can also be aggressively hand washed after being adhered to drinkware.

Do custom pins have protective film and/or laminate?

Yes, each pin includes a clear, protective film to prevent scratching.


Where can I watch LAN coverage?

RGL will be providing coverage for the event on our twitch page -!

Will matches happen as soon as previous matches are finished?

No. The streamed matches will be played at their scheduled time, even if previous matches finish early. This ensures that staff and players have enough time to take breaks and regain energy to bring the entertainment!

Is there a stream/STV delay?

To help prevent cheating by ghosting, there will be an STV delay of 10 seconds. This is why player reactions may not align with action broadcasted.

Who are the casters?

The following players will be casting:

  • Godfather

  • LeCrum

  • tonyb

  • Rogue

Type '!casters!' in chat to see who the current casters are!

Can I dab on stream?

Sure, but we suggest something a bit less cringe. Like a simple wave 👋🙂